Grigri Pixel Dakar 2016

Grigri Pixel – Programme of residencies, meetings and workshops
March 2016 Madrid, Spain in Medialab Prado
Mai 2016 Dakar, Senegal in Afropixel Festival

Grigri Pixel from Medialab-Prado on Vimeo.


Grigri Pixel is a programme of residencies, meetings and workshops devoted to the creation of common property in urban spaces based on collaborative practices and digital manufacturing strategies from the African continent. The aim of the Grigri Pixel Lab is to reconnect experiences with the manufacturing of objects and city-building to formulate questions common to all of these experiences, ultimately showcasing synergies, points of intersection and differences in regard to practices and processes of care and maintenance in urban spaces in Africa and Europe.



After the initial phase in February-March 2016 at Medialab Prado, the experience continued in Dakar during the fifth edition of the Afropixel Festival, and it will carry on in Casablanca (Morocco) in April 2017.

The second edition of Grigri Pixel will be held in October 2017 at Medialab Prado (Madrid), with a production workshop organised in collaboration with the Imagina Madrid open call and Citizens’ Labs from the district’s Municipal Boards, in addition to other activities in the city’s cultural spaces. The initiative was also invited to hold a workshop in Paris at the new MAIF Social Club in August 2017 and in Barcelona in November 2017. In 2018 the project is scheduled to continue in Bamako (Mali) and Lomé (Togo).

Grigri Pixel is an initiative born in Medialab Prado by curator and cultural producer Susana Moliner, who has extensive experience in cultural production and mediation, having devoted herself in recent years to implementing Free Culture programmes on the African continent. The production labs will be designed and energised by Enorme Studio (Madrid), a team of architects specialising in tactical urbanism, as well as Yago Torroja (Madrid), an electronics engineer and professor at the Technical University of Madrid, and Blanca Callén (Barcelona), a researcher and professor at the BAU Design College of Barcelona who works in collaboration with HANGAR (Barcelona).